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Tree Removal Perth

Trees Need Tree Surgeons is a full service tree removalist company with offices in Perth Western Australia. Since 1990 we have been providing the highest quality and most up-to-date tree and shrub treatments available. Our knowledgeable staff of Certified Arborists and Tree Surgeons can provide you with the safest and most cost effective methods of maintaining a healthy tree. These methods are based on the principles of Plant Health Care. We cater for private, commercial and government work throughout Perth, WA.

Our Services

Trees Need Tree Surgeons team of experts possesses the necessary skills and experience needed in relocating , transforming trees and plantations of any sizes. No project is too big for us.

Trees Need Tree Surgeons has excellency in providing Tree Transplanting Services. These Tree Transplanting Services are designed to meet the requirements and demands of every client’s needs. Moreover, these services are handled carefully by our expert and experienced professionals working within an agreed time frame. We also ensure that the trees transplanted by us are properly taken care of so that they get a chance to survive and thrive in the new location.

We can transplant your trees to add beauty to your yard. We use pod trailers for most of our trucks making us very proficient to transplant multiple trees at one time making it more less expensive. Using our specialized machine, we make sure proper care is implemented in preparing the trees for transplanting process.

Trees Need Tree Surgeons cover all aspects of tree work, our staff will evaluate the best strategy to achieve your preferences. Clear understanding and implementing of the arboricultural needs of different Companies, Local Authorities, The Construction and Landscaping Industry, Management Enterprises, Schools and Private home use will result in a very effective alternatives of all your arboricultural requirements.

All our operatives are continually and consistently upgrading their skills as part of our dedication to a more efficient and safe working environment for our staff and clients.

You can be assure that all our tree surgery will be carried out to the highest professional standard

Trees Need Tree Surgeons are into continuous evolution – our training, skills, abilities, and experience in this field is a never ending learning adventure. Each day is a learning tool for us, we do not stop, our aim is to come up with best of the best treatment system for our clients. Without proper care, most likely you’ll end up with lawn disaster- insect or lawn disease. Consistent fertilisation can keep insects and weeds at bay.

At Trees Need Tree Surgeons, we make sure that a lawn fertilisation program is within your reach, working its way to fight different threats that will occur over the course of time. At some point, multiple applications are recommended to obtain the desired results.

Trees Need Tree Surgeons adjust and apply your feed system up to the minute detail in accordance to the types and conditions of your lawn.

Our aim is to evaluate the right fertilisation depending on the following considerations:

  • Type of soil
  • Type of grass
  • Season or time of the year
  • Weather considerations
  • Soil temperature
  • Moisture amount levels of soil
  • Compaction levels of soil


Precision is very crucial to be able to achieve the lawn that you want. Trees Need Tree Surgeons are experienced and skilled on this field, we will make sure that precise option of fertiliser is to be use on your lawn.

Precautions are always important for us, for each fertiliser applications, We make it a point that no harm is caused to humans, pets and the environment. Don’t hesitate to give us a Call TODAY!

Tree Cabling and Bracing procedures involve installing different hardware such as cables and steel rods into trees that are pinpointed to have branches that are structurally starting to wear down and considered to be candidates to fail in the event of storm or even under typical branch load. By doing a bracing; it can extend its life and at the same time making it safer. Contact us today and join us to extend beauty and longevity of your prized trees, looking forward for years to come.

If you happened to have a beautiful tree that is beginning to break or split at the crotch for whatever reason, give Trees Need Tree Surgeons a call immediately! Your first initial reaction is probably to think the tree needs to be cut down before it injures someone or cause damages to property. However, for people who fell in love with a tree because memories lingers along with that particular tree- the option is to save it.

Or simple because you just value trees and the very thought of removing one is like losing a very important person in your life. Stop! Think for a moment – We offer solution. When this happens you need to give us a call and schedule an appointment for a no obligation consultation and inspection.

Remember, this is not the type of D-I-Y kind of work and requires an expert from Trees Need Tree Surgeons to do a valid evaluation if the tree is worth saving (or id there is no more hope anymore). Our licensed expert can quickly analyze the situation and circumstances. These licensed Arborist are highly knowledgeable in various tree saving programs as the best alternative to tree removal.

Proper analysis and evaluation to determine the right kind of height for one of two cables and then carefully install them in place putting non additional trauma to the tree. These cables will serve as a binding support and brace as it continues to grow, eventually you will see the split heals in time. Don’t hesitate to give us a Call TODAY!

Remember, trees can be considered as a very large plants and like all plants they are prone to disease and can potentially be attacked by pests. There are different major threats to trees, here at Tree Needs Tree Surgeons, we are Ultimate Tree Care Professional simply because We Care. Until recent times the only option available when one of these unfortunate occurrences happened in your trees, was to remove the affected tree and just hope you keep it from spreading to other trees.

If you begin to notice some evident changes in your trees like dying limbs, a sudden changes on the color of the leaves, not as many leaves anymore, mushrooms starting to grow out of the base of the tree, your trees could be in distress. You need to call Tree Needs Tree Surgeons and ask for a FREE CONSULTATION!

Here, let me give you simple explanation of Tree Disease Control

Disease control as it implies means a plant disease is a harmful changes in the “normal” physiological structure of a plant or tree caused by different factors.

Watch Out for These Signs:

  • Unusual growth that can be seen anywhere on tree.
  • Underdevelopment of tissue.
  • Overdevelopment of tissue.
  • Open wounds on trunk or limbs
  • Death of tissue
  • Dead leaves or trunk


Tree disease is a very critical issue, if not properly treated early enough there may be nothing we can do about it. Generally, tree diseases will continuously worsen, not until treated properly. If you believe your trees may be in critical situation, Immediate attention is required and YOU NEED TO CALL US as fast as you can.

Tree diseases and tree injections are our specialty, and if there is a problem our Licensed Arborist will use a state-of-art tree injection technique that delivers potent pesticides to the very heart of the problem area, without any drilling or unneeded trauma to your tree.

Tree injection is the latest and most cost effective way to control tree diseases, and it is our specialty. We also possess the finest and most sophisticated equipment available, allowing them to inject and treat your tree without ever drilling into it!!

We Recommend you to Be PROACTIVE

It just makes sense, the most effective way to stop tree disease is to be proactive. Make it a point that your Licensed Arborist do an annual evaluation and inspection of your trees as this is the best way to help them maintain overall health and staying away from costly issues before they grow into bigger problems. Be cautious, if your trees may appear to be unhealthy, give us a quick ring anyway, we can help you save their life and their beauty for many years to come.

We take pride in our offer – complete tree insect and disease control system using cutting edge technology as well as old school pest control programs. Trees Need Tree Surgeons offer systemic treatments via soil injections, soil drench, trunk injections and sprays. Trees Need Tree Surgeons focus on minimal impact to non target parts with ultimate control of the target “pest”. For us, each tree is unique and should be evaluated for different solution as such. Trees Need Tree Surgeons is waiting for your CALL TODAY! FREE treatment evaluation!

Trees Need Tree Surgeons provides pest control services to protect the investment you’ve made in your loved trees and shrubs. It is essential to maintain the right cultural practices and at the same time providing proper plant nutrients. However, pest intervention is required but still putting attention on its environmentally right manner.

Trees Need Tree Surgeons program is designed to oversee the health and beauty of your shrubs, trees, flowers, and even grass. We will safeguard your appreciation of trees and flowers for many years to come. We offer an effective but ensuring environmentally sensitive strategy to insect control and management.

If you’re starting to see problems with your trees and flowers , PLEASE GIVE US A CALL RIGHT AWAY! You need tree disease, pest or insect control EXPERTS, Trees Need Tree Surgeons are here for you, you can ask for a FREE QUOTE.. Trees Need Tree Surgeons ONLY employs an integrated pest control technology that permits us to evaluate the right technology or system for your tree’s specific requirement at a given point in time.

Our specialists can analyze the problem and immediately administer the right treatment in the least invasive manner. We make it a point to pinpoint with precision in treating the specific concern with aim for less impact on surrounding plants and animals.
Call Tree Needs Tree Surgeons today for timely hazardous tree management services – which include trimming, evaluation or inspection, removal, cabling, and other- this is necessary to help avoid damage to property and to any one. Identifying a hazard tree on your garden or your precious lawn, requires a keen eye and a specialist. Only an expert arborist from Tree Needs Tree Surgeons can do this effectively. We recommend regular inspections and consultations, this is your best ally for effective hazard tree management.

Give us a Quick Call Today at 0404 867 630 , and have your lawn, gardens, or premises inspected for hazardous trees.

A Quick Introduction to Recognising a Hazardous Tree

A hazardous tree is one with structural abnormalities that cause failure on different parts of the tree. Such a tree could pose a potential danger to a person or property. It could lead to a very dangerous scenario than can cause harm to vehicle, place, or a building. Or could be very hazardous where people usually gather like in a park, street, or even your own backyard. Consistent regular tree inspections to evaluate and control hazard trees can saves lives and investments.

Generally, trees benefit us in so many ways. BUT, they can also pose a threat when limbs or worse whole trees fall on people, properties, and other locations. It is common that weakened trees will give some sort of a warning- its physical condition will signify so many different things, that is why you need an expert to be able to identify the problem.
Trees Need Tree Surgeons is the name to call if your want your landscape to flourish and last for more years to come. Trees Need Tree Surgeons will address various different architectural tree management and services – these includes, solid structural programs, appearance, and shape. Our tree pruning services are only performed by a licensed and certified arborist.

Trees Need Tree Surgeons provide a various range of pruning services, all of which are carried out by experienced and qualified climbers. Trees Need Tree Surgeons – are equipped to manage any size job, from small backyard projects to large project contracts.

There are many ways Trees Need Tree Surgeons can improve the health and appearance of your trees. So give Trees Need Tree Surgeons a call today, if you are concerned about tree pruning, tree removal or stump removal.

Tree Pruning is Important

Tree pruning is sometimes required to further improve the appearance, healthy and safety of trees. Trees Need Tree Surgeons can facilitate quick and easy removal of these limbs while making sure that the tree will remain well and will retain its natural-looking appearances.

Our experts are licensed and certified in making the best evaluation for unique and some rare instances, and will make sure they will perform with less impact on its surrounding. Tree Trimming is required when tree limbs causes interference, power lines threats or other obstructions to streets. When it poses danger and risk caused by insect damage, it is necessary to prune limbs.

Benefits of Tree Pruning

Tree pruning offers different good things that are beneficial to your trees and landscape:

  • Health. Tree pruning services include removing weakened, dead, or damaged branches on mature trees and young trees alike for tree protection.
  • Structural. also called developmental tree pruning, carried out for youthful trees for purpose of structural beautification and enhancement.
  • Appearance and Restoration. This is important for improvement of landscape structure and will bring out the beauty of formal plants.
  • Safety. Tree pruning is best option to ensure safety against storm damage and the possible falling branches.
  • Visual Access. Overall, pruning will improve your landscape’s appreciation, and further uplift the beauty of your landscape.

This is a best solution for preventative maintenance strategy, tree trimming can be a good option to improve light penetration needed by youthful and growing trees. It can also reduce wind resistance during critical occurrences such as storms. Tree pruning can also maintain proper tree shape and improve growth patterns. GIVE US A CALL with any questions you may have about trees on your property, OUR STAFF IS STANDING By to help you FIND the best tree care ever.
Hire a Stump Removal Professional Today and Remove that Unsightly Stump

Probably the most efficient way to remove a tree stump is to cut it out. In order to do that, you will need a stump grinding machine. The investment for a new stump grinding machine begins at a few thousand bucks and most likely you will need a truck that can be used for transporting because the machines are quite heavy.

Well, there’s an EASY WAY TO DO IT

Give Trees Need Tree Surgeons A CALL TODAY on 0411 597 779 for stump removal work consultation, Trees Need Tree Surgeons will generally take care of all the business.

Trees Need Tree Surgeons is fully certified and fully qualified so you’re in good hands. Trees Need Tree Surgeons – Knowledge, expertise, and certified to the highest standard. From a private projects or a commercial site projects, No project is too big or too small for us. PLEASE GIVE US A CALL NOW for a free no obligation quote.
There are certain things you need to know about tree lopping. The practice of tree lopping or topping is still very sad to be prevalent among so called expert arborists throughout Australia. Tree Lopping involves the cutting or grinding of all branches of the tree without any consideration for the health of the trees, or any other factors. After lopping, the tree adds new growth quickly, this is a natural process of the tree recovering from the trauma of losing its entire photosynthetic location. However, these new growth are very poorly attached to the tree, and most likely to quickly snap as soon as they achieve any substantial size. This hazardous occurrences will eventually lead to a potential decay to enter the tree through the large wounds caused by the lopping, this will further worsen the health of the tree and huge potential for failure. But hey, who would invest to make their trees ugly?

Looking for a tree services company that offers excellent tree removal services, CALL the staff TODAY – Trees Need Tree Surgeons. For a second to none service with regard to your tree lopping, stump removal and tree cutting questions get a phone call back from Trees Need Tree Surgeons Immediately. I know you expect more, so high quality service first hand is available for you.

For removing fallen trees and branches from your lawn make sure you call tree removal removal company that offers different range of total tree services. For complicated access tree removals in Perth Western Australia you need a tree service that can get the job done right without any hassle to your families life. Whether it’s a large dangerous tree that just needs to be removed or you just need some information on what to do about falling tree branches, Trees Need Tree Surgeon is the right company to get in touch with.

Whatever tree service you require, Trees Need Tree Surgeons are well equipped to ensure top quality tree and stump removals at a very affordable price.

– Trees Need Tree Surgeons offers a complete range of tree services and our trained staff use innovative art tree and stump removal machineries. Time efficient and cost efficient by calling the tree removal experts at – Trees Need Tree Surgeons for all commercial and domestic tree needs. PICK UP THE PHONE and RING US for the BEST RATES for tree lopping and stump removal around.

How to Find The Tree Removal Services: Why not choose one that has been in the tree services industry for over 20 years and always has customer satisfaction as first priority. Trees Need Tree Surgeons tailors to every aspect of commercial and residential tree care. Trees Need Tree Surgeons stand behind safe tree removal 100% and our satisfied returning clients can speak for themselves. Our highly trained tree experts are proud to offer inexpensive tree removal using only modern tree pruning methodologies and 100% safe tree removal. Keep Your Investment Alive! There are several upsides to how Trees Need Tree Surgeons can improve your property. Dying trees or improperly cared for, can ruin your landscaping. In addition, dead or dying trees can pose possible serious dangers and threats. Let one of our Trees Need Tree Surgeons representative give you a free consultation. What to look for when hiring tree removal services:

  • Ask for a valid insurance? Make sure that they have both Liability and workmen’s compensation.
  • Are they fully licensed to work in the area?
  • Ask for references or client’s reviews as proof of their first class work.
  • How many years the tree company has been in the industry? Watch out for “fly by night” companies.

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Tree Removal in Perth

Trees Need Tree Surgeons are currently contractors to local councils in Perth for western power line pruning, tree surgery and removal, amenity pruning work, stump grinding, emergency work and tree protection reports, State Government (Kings Park, Bold Park) tree surgery, tree removals and stump grinding, Insurance Companies for emergency and preventative works, many real estate companies for preventative, emergency and amenity pruning work and arborists/surgeons to discerning private clients throughout Perth.

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