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Fully qualified, accredited and insured tree surgeons.  We do all aspects of tree and shrub care. 

‘We love to see the smile on customers faces when we surpass their expectations’

Hi, I’m Gary

I started Trees Need Tree Surgeons because I am passionate about the environment and believe that trees are worth the time, effort and investment. 

Trees bring beauty, value and shade to your property. They help keep your home cooler in Summer. Trees convert carbon dioxide into much needed oxygen – helping our environment and keeping us healthy.

I grew up on a property in New Zealand that looked out over the ocean at the front, and trees, sheep and paddocks at the back. I believe that:

‘You live better when you are surrounded by beautiful environmental conditions.

Fun Facts

I love a good chat – and am happy to chat about your tree needs. For free advice and quote:

Our Team

We have a committed and dedicated team of tree surgeons, arborists, landscapers, power line clearance inspectors and assistants.

You have a tree, and you need some help. Whether you have:

  • A grand old tree that needs careful pruning and health care.
  • Space for a new tree and you need advice and a tree planted or transplanted.
  • A tree, powerlines or property at risk of storm damage.
  • A tree you need to remove – safely, cleanly and efficiently.

Whatever your tree situation – we love trees, and we can help.

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