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Bracing & Cabling

As Tree Surgeons (fully qualified arborists) we will comprehensively assess and treat your trees – whatever they need. As well as careful pruning – cabling and bracing are common tree surgeries we are skilled at performing.

Grand large trees (and sometimes not so large trees) can suffer from splitting or breaking at the crotch. Large branches can begin to wear and may be found dangerous in an assessment (link). For both surgical emergencies – there is more than one option. Surgery can often save a branch or tree.

Don’t hesitate – call for your tree risk assessment consult today. We will provide a complete assessment, honest advice and quote.

Bracing and Cabling are safe and effective surgical treatment methods. They involve installing steel rods or using softer cables to help branches or stems in a tree to support themselves while damage heals or to prevent damage from occurring.

Your Tree Surgeon can do all aspects of assessment, cabling and/or bracing and will monitor the tree over time to ensure it grows strong and healthy.

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