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Lopping and Pruning

Tree Lopping and Tree Pruning are not the same! Our arborists and tree surgeons are fully qualified and experienced in providing expert assessment, advice, pruning, and lopping when required.

Tree Pruning is important to a tree’s health, its structure, shape, aesthetics and future growth. Proper pruning also helps trees stay strong and can help guard against storm damage and falling branches.

Large tree pruning needs a qualified arborist to assess, climb, prune and safely lower branches to the ground. At Trees Need Tree Surgeons we are fully equipped to prune trees of any size, shape and situation. We are fully accredited and prune trees in accordance with Australian Standards.

Pruning is preferred to lopping. Lopping is the indiscriminate cutting of branches without careful assessment and consideration of the trees health, growth and structure. It can lead to unsightly and weak regrowth which is more easily damaged (falling branches) and can cause permanent tree damage. Our arborists are fully qualified to assess and provide safe lopping when it is necessary.

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