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Disease and Pest Control

We offer complete tree insect and disease control system using cutting edge technology as well as old school pest control programs.

Our qualified Arborists are doctors for your tree and your shrubs.

If you see or suspect a problem, don’t hesitate – call for your free consultation today.

Our specialists will carefully analyse your tree, soil and surrounds to accurately diagnose the problem and formulate a targeted, environmentally sensitive treatment plan.

We will carefully choose the right treatment based on the specific diagnosed problem and surrounds. We consider your goals, values, pets and children when we are making our decision.

We have a range of specialist treatment options available including but not limited to soil injections, soil drench, trunk injections and sprays. We use a state-of-art tree injection technique that delivers potent pesticides to the very heart of the problem area, without any unneeded trauma to your tree.

We know you value your trees and shrubs, and we want to see your property look the best it can – so you can enjoy it.

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risking long term damage and a clean-up bill.

We are fully qualified, insured and accredited. We care.


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